Real Estate Agents Are Taking The Power
Back With Broker Price Opinions!

Now that the foreclosure landslide is underway and banks are expecting
$600 Billion worth of new foreclosures coming they need real estate
agents to help list and sell short sales and bank REO foreclosures not
to mention completing Broker Price Opinons or also known as a BPO!
Right Now Agents across the country are making $80,000 per year
completing Broker Price Opinions for the Banks and BPO Companies.
But banks aren’t using just any agent to complete broker price opinions
they are using agents that have implemented tactics used in REO Courses
like: The REO Courses like the teach
standards expected from the banks that Licensed Real Estate Agents Need
To Know! also teaches you the know how you need to get The Bank
REO Listings and Broker Price Opinions.

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